As a Product Manager working on a large online software platform, I worked very closely with the CEO / product owner to understand the market, user segments, and go to market strategies. The Geostellar solar energy platform takes LiDAR data from across the United States, calculates the sun potential, and creates real-time "solar assessments" of every US home. As a start up, Geostellar is moving fast and developing the product to meet the market demands. I was partnered with the CEO to do what was needed to move the product in the right direction. I really was able to leverage several of my acquired skills on the issues at hand on any given time. Exciting.

Unfortunately, the additional round of investment / funding that was supposed to be arriving right around the time of my hire was delayed. Some of the major investors turned their attention to other projects. As a result, I was placed on extended furlough. This is a learning experience related to company start up, product development, and funding.

Relevant Skills:

  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Remote Team Mangement
  • UX / UI Design
  • Kanban Board
  • Story Creation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Agile Development

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