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Rethinking Copywriting, Content Creation, and Digital Marketing Mixed with Great User Experience. Alan Cooper makes the statement “…consumers have little tolerance
for websites, apps, and devices that don't live up to their expectations.”

I’m Daniel Stouffer, professional copywriter and owner of www.kaperider.com. I'm a Swiss Army Knife of complementary disciplines including direct-response copywriting, user experience, project management, and agile product development. Over the years, I’ve written copy and drove digital marketing strategies under a number of brands. Some my own. Many of my clients.

I am a professional copywriter trained by American Writers & Artists Inc (AWAI), DigitalMarketing.com, and Copyblogger.com. I have a growing list of certifications. My desire to consume everything these organizations produce continues every day. I’m specialize in helping up-and-coming businesses consistently and predictably meet their marketing objectives and sales goals. I craft persuasive copy that leverages new marketing strategies. This process rides on the solders of a humming content creation and publishing framework mixed with marketing and email automation. I help you generate far more revenue from your marketing activities than the money and resources they consume.

Ultimately, I drive new revenue streams into your marketing department.

Daniel Stouffer

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  • Testimonial #4

    Daniel's energetic approach to work is evident from the get-go, and his passion for the interactive medium shines through his work. Knowing him as an IA, I have seen how his entrepreneurial spirit drives him to seek out -- and find -- the best solutions....

    - Andy Wright - Sr. UI/UX Designer
  • Testimonial #3

    One word that best describes Daniel's passion for marketing and overall business success. "Tenacious" I have had the privilege working with and alongside him and to be honest I don't think I've ever seen anyone ever work harder than him; he always had another gear than others. Daniel is a machine when it comes to his dedication towards his work....

    - Brian Glad - Entrepreneur
  • Testimonial #2

    Daniel operates very effectively leading teams in fast-paced environments. He brings an incredible work ethic to any position. He is very objective driven, while having immense knowledge and creativity within digital marketing, user experience, and content creation....

    - Jason Meszaros - Cybersecurity
  • Testimonial #1

    Daniel is an impressive product management and user experience professional (IA/UXer) who consistently went above and beyond what was expected of him, always willing to jump in and fill any role that was needed to get the project done. He is absolutely a valuable asset to any team he is a part of....

    - Meghan Drivdahl - Visual Designer


My accomplishments & certifications.
I have been alive for 16,425 days!
I have lived 65.87% of my life!

Work Experience

My projects & company associations.
May 2004
U.S. Bank
Information Architect

As an Information Architect on the user experience team, we were one of the first groups to focus on upgrading the US Bank online experience. The team formed from a collection of agency resources and a few internal resources. Our major efforts focused on bringing a larger portfolio of bank services to the Internet. We focused on first generation account access, banking online, money exchange, and more. Relevant Skills:  User Research & Analysis Wireframe Creation User Acceptance Testing....

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May 2006
RMG Connect (Mirum Agency)
Information Architect

As an Information Architect within an interactive marketing agency, I was privileged to work closely with the US Marine Corp website (cir. 2007) ...and several other projects in healthcare and financial services. We conducted several user research and working sessions with Marine recruiters, prototype development, brand innovation, and website development. My role worked closely with the research and creative teams to establish an entirely new feeling to the Marine website. Relevant Skills: User Research Client Relations (agency) Wireframing Brand Development Creative Collaboration...

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April 2008
Product Marketing Manager

As an Information Architect that was promoted to a Product Marketing Manager, I worked closely with the executive stakeholders, product strategist, end users, and software engineers to build out the Verisae platform. I gained deep understanding of energy, environmental, and asset management best practices as I converted the challenges & issues faced in these domains into a large, online platform. The Verisae platform managed hundreds of thousands of locations, millions of assets, and billions of pieces of real-time data. I played a leading role in defining this platform. Relevant Skills: Market Reserch Information Architecture Wireframing Agile Development Product Management Product Marketing ...

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August 2012
Project CAP Marketing
Product Manager

As a Product Manager with a focus on user experience, I worked with local resources, product stakeholders, and an offshore team of developers in the Ukraine. Project CAP was a start up focusing on interactive marketing across the insurance industry. I was contract to help define, build, and deploy a custom Content Management System (CMS) to serve the needs of independent insurance agents. The "Website Builder" not only managed the build of custom websites it also hosted them and provided a set of interactive marketing tools. In addition, my time with Project CAP offered a business opportunity for my own web...

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May 2006
Inuklook Interactive, LLC
Direct-Response Copywriter

As a user experience and product development professional with my own agency, I gained an every increasing scope of skills and experience related to "starting and running a company". From legal start up, marketing, sales, and project fulfillment, I was in the middle of everything. I gain an immense amount of experience with the project work I completed. I ran many freelance or contracting jobs through my agency as I worked full time at other locations. I spent over 2 years managing a team and working full time within my agency directly. Relevant Skills: Company Start Up Business Development (sales) Team...

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February 2014
Ameriprise Financial
Manager User Experience

As a User Experience Designer within an Agile environment, I was able to leverage not only my UX design skills but also my knowledge of Agile. Ameriprise just began the movement to an Agile development approach when I stated. Our work on JoinAmeriprise.com, Ameriprise.com, and ColumbiaThreadneedle.com built out the Agile best practices across the various team resources. I was able to help the project & product manager, business analyst, and others in the development team to understand where and how Agile could work in the Ameriprise environment. My specific duties involved many aspects of user centered design. We conducted user research,...

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November 2016
Director Product Management

As a Product Manager working on a large online software platform, I worked very closely with the CEO / product owner to understand the market, user segments, and go to market strategies. The Geostellar solar energy platform takes LiDAR data from across the United States, calculates the sun potential, and creates real-time "solar assessments" of every US home. As a start up, Geostellar is moving fast and developing the product to meet the market demands. I was partnered with the CEO to do what was needed to move the product in the right direction. I really was able to leverage...

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February 2016
Project Manager (FREE-lance)

As a Program Manager and "bootstrapper", I work closely with company executives and the company's advisory board to help manage many of the initiatives necessary to get a new company up and running efficiently. I can ran from simple project management tasks and working to track others work, to setting up email services, to helping to co-develop various websites. I am really drawing on my ability to bootstrap and problem solve on the fly. I am part of the senior leadership team (aka, managing internal projects) that is helping to bring CREW Solar to a national audience. CREW is aligning the...

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June 2017
UX Project Manager
UX Project Manager

Anthem Health Services, Inc. Ideation, Project Management, and Strategic Thinking -- I have a proven record of managing process driven teams, as well as complex software products and web application development projects, both standard and extremely agile. I’ve been a contributor and leader of physical and virtual teams across many projects. I represent the user experience across the organization by breaking down the user needs, strategic vision, and delivery into achievable outcomes that drive user value. I know exactly what it takes to drive the business, rally the engagement of diverse teams, and effectively manage programs. I’m really a Swiss Army knife relating...

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Relevant Skills

My user experience and product management experience.

User Experience Portfolio

My primary focus is on excellent copywriting and user experience (UX design). In my portfolio, you will see a wider range of example work including brand development & collateral, company start up activities (bootstrapping), and product development (...to name a few). Visit www.kaperider.com to review my writing samples.

Contact Me

I am open to further conversations about my experience, work examples, or availability. Contact me below so we may set up a time to talk further. If you would prefer to just email me, you can. Send any requests for additional information to daniel.stouffer (@) gmail.com.

Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

Contact me: daniel.stouffer (@) gmail.com